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I grew up loving writing, asking questions, and sharing stories with everyone I met. My passion led me to pursue a degree in Journalism upon entering college, and I can attest to the fact that many Muslim women are constantly discouraged by going into the field, bombarded with questions about how they will survive in a field that is not profitable, and also… dare I say it... too competitive. When I would hear similar questions in undergrad, I’d wonder how some people think that money is the sole factor that dictates another person’s success. It was mind-boggling, to say the least.

Here are 10 Muslim women journalists who remind everyone (without saying a word) why they do what they do: they believe in and have a passion for honest storytelling. Check out their work and get inspired.

  • 1. Dena Takruri @denatakruri

    Dena is an on-air presenter and producer with AJ+, Al Jazeera Network's all-digital video news network based in San Francisco. She is the host of “Direct From With Dena Takruri” where she brings her viewers stories from around the world and gives a voice to those who have been unheard for far too long.
  • 2. Tahera Rahman @taheratv  

    This young, ambitious newscaster has worked relentlessly to be standing where she is now. Tahera has worked for renowned television stations like WHBF-TV and KLJB, and has also worked as a producer. 

    3. Malak Silmi @malaksilmi 


    Malak is based out of Dearborn, MI, and has been thriving in her career as a journalist. From landing a fellowship with the New York Times Student Journalism Institute to reporting for the Detroit Metro Times and Michigan Radio, she is always ready to tell the next story.

    4. Aya Khalil @ayakhalilauthor

    Aya is a freelance journalist as well as an author! Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and Toledo Area Parent, to name a few.

    5. Nargis Rahman @nargisthewriter 

    A Detroit-native and previous CAIR-MI employe, Nargis tells stories about food, women taking over the world, social change, and parenting.

    6. Malika Bilal @mmbilal


    Malika, based out of D.C, is co-host of Al Jazeera English’s “The Stream”. She is also host of@AJTheTake! 

  • 7. Nushrat Rahman @nushrahman 

    Nushrat has a mission to amplify the perspectives of underreported communities and individuals. She is pursuing her graduate degree from Columbia’s School of Journalism, and is currently reporting from NYC. 

  • 8. Dana Afana @dana.afana

    Dana is a Business/Government reporter at the@MLive. As hard as her job is, her passion for it is inspirational and motivatin.

    9. Rowaida Abdelaziz 

    Rowaida is a reporter based in NYC — she focuses on Islamophobia and social justice issues within the Muslim community.

    10. Asma Khalil @nprasma 

    Asma is a political correspondent covering the 2020 presidential campaign. Before joining NPR's political team, she helped launch a new team for Boston's NPR station WBUR where she reported on biz/tech and the Future of Work.


    Irum is a writer, photographer, and author of 'Nothing to Summit' - a collection of short essays on gaining strength, fighting against one's fears, falling, regaining hope, and ultimately finding inner peace before the cycle/climb begins again. She received her Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Michigan State University and is currently dabbling in several photojournalism and writing projects, while also working as a communications specialist.

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