Hijabs with a purpose.

Penny Appeal and Verona teamed up to bring you hijabs that don't only
serve for modesty and fashion, but can make a difference.
All scarf proceeds will go towards empowering women in Kenya, Brazil,
The Gambia, Pakistan, & Palestine.

Hijabs can empower women with:

Women around the world face a daily struggle for equality, with hurdles such as poverty, disaster and displacement, lack of education and violence.
Penny Appeal USA and Veorna partnered to Women Empowerment program ensures that women-led families in vulnerable communities are given all by tools and resources they need to break out of the cycleof poverty.

Everything you need to know about our mission

Penny Appeal USA is a relief and development organization with a really BIG
vision for the world. We want to create the best societies we can add and to break the cycles
of need and poverty for good. That's why we work to turn small
change into a BIG DIFFERENCE.
You can get involved by donating,volunteering or starting your own
fundraiser. Visit PAUSA.ORG


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