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What's now viewed as a successful, international modest clothing brand, wasn't how it was always perceived. Verona Collection was simply an idea, that was conceptualized by a single mom who had converted to Islam in 2011. After embracing Islam, she had a stark realization: modest and fashionable clothing were both hard to acquire and difficult to afford. After doing a bit of research, she realized that many other women, both Muslim and non-Muslim, felt the same way.

Out to solve a problem, this single mom embarked on a journey to bring her vision to life. Dedicated to helping Muslim women and serving the community, she invested $7,000 and launched her company online. Doubling as a photographer and business woman, she captured and launched her products through the lens of her artistic perception. Interested buyers swarmed in from across the globe. Verona Collection's products increased in demand, thus causing the brand to expand. And within a matter of a 2 of years, Verona Collection opened two shipping distributions, a physical store and received honorable recognition from publications such as Huffington Post, NPR, Refinery 29 & Fusion Network.

The brand is more than just a clothing store. They stand for women’s empowerment and taking pride in one's Muslim identity, especially in these critical times. Having a purpose beyond selling clothes doesn't just make them successful, but it also sets Verona Collection apart from their competitors as a distinct and meaningful brand.


Lisa Vogl

Award winning international fashion photographer and founder of Verona Collection modest fashion brand. Lisa began her career as a fashion photographer working with modest fashion brands across the globe, with work featured in the Daily Beast, Marie Claire and landing the cover of Aquila Style Magazine. Her fashion photography career paired with a B.A in Marketing gave Lisa an edge when launching Verona Collection. Verona quickly became one of the largest ecommerce Islamic fashion brands in the US & UK and has since been featured in notable publications such as Refinery 29, NPR, Fusion and Huffington Post all in less than two years.

Alaa Ammuss

After graduating with a Bachelors in Child Learning and Development from the University of Texas, Alaa decided to pursue her passion in fashion design, which she had been developing over the years. Over the course of several years, she focused her efforts on research and development into trends in the fashion industry. She then paired up with Lisa Vogl to co-found Verona Collection; within two years, the brand has shipped thousands of packages across every corner of the globe and have created a modest fashion power house.

Hassan Mawji

Hassan Mawji, an international development specialist by profession, had been involved within the the start-up space for a number of years, before joining Verona Collection. He has successfully launched an online art gallery, Ahlan Art, representing over 25 internationally renowned artists.

As well as working within the art space, Hassan has worked with the United Nations as an advisor for industrial development and has also set up a charity, Mount Elimu, to help the underprivileged and boost economic development in East Africa. Hassan is a director at Verona Collection and works on business development and strategy within the business.